A fusion of movement and text by Natasha Martina and Gordon Portman (Saskatoon, SK/Brandon, MB)Two immigrant women journey across time becoming their own descendants. Through … [Read more...]

The New World

Malube, Josée Young and Richard Beaune in New, New World by Kevin Loring. Photo by Raychel Reimer.

A Science Fiction by Kevin Loring. (Vancouver, BC) Canada, 2165. Three friends tethered to life support systems float in outer space as they decide which planet to set home in … [Read more...]


A drama by Philippe Landry (Ottawa, ON/Montreal, QC)Is water a right, or a commodity? An aboriginal has entered a clean water distribution centre in 2167 because her community’s … [Read more...]


A fantasy by Melanie Leger (Montreal, QC/Shediac NB)In the entrails of the biggest oil sands production site in the world, a breath of air, of life… A cry. The earth moves, … [Read more...]


A poetic satire by Andréa Ledding (Saskatoon, SK)An unhappily married British man and French Canadian woman struggle with living in a house formerly owned by Tatawaw and Nimitaw, … [Read more...]